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Top shots of

Buildings, historic objects, industrial building sites and constructions

Film production

We use a drone for film production, commercials, music videos and news


Inspection flights, inspection of photovoltaic panels, 3D terrain modulation


We provide you everything from processing of the recordings to the final video

No matter who you are: a film director, a farmer, a hotel owner, an owner of a construction company or a real estate agency, a glimpse from bird’s eye view will bring you a new insight into your work. Using photos and videos taken by a drone has been increasing in many areas and industry.

Dronde s.r.o. pursues production of top films and photo shots, inspection flights, thermo vision, mapping and 3D modulation with the help of a camera or thermo vision attached to remote controlled drone. It is a completely new dimension and perspective in the area of film and photo production. You will get shots that will catch your interest by their originality and they will attract your attention at the first sight unlike the usual shots taken from the ground. We can provide you thorough production of short films and commercials – from shooting to final postproduction.

Top photo & video – shots of buildings, industry objects, historic building for commercial and private use, 360°virtual tours and panoramic photos taken on land or taken by a drone in maximum altitude 150 metres above the sea level

Film production – film directors, producers and directors of commercials and music videos discovered the fascinating enchantment of top shots long time ago.

Thermovision –inspection flights, inspection of photovoltaic panels, damaged construction of buildings and heat leak, 3D terrain modulation, orthophotomaps

Real Estate – top videos and photos are new standard for today’s real estate market

Drone at your wedding – invite a drone to your wedding and you will get unique shots

Entertainment – documents – outdoor sports, company events, parties, team buildings, sport events

Time-lapse – construction or demolition over a period


We use the best equipment available on the market, one of the most modern Profi High-Tech drone Matrice 600 that is serviced by a pilot and a cameraman.
DJI Matrice 600 can fly with professional cameras starting at Panasonic GH4 to film cameras Black Magic 4K, Arri Alexa mini or Red Epic.
This drone with gimbal Ronim MX, which can be easily detached and used immediately for shooting on the ground, is a universal tool for fulfilling your wishes either in the air or on the ground.
The maximum payload of camera is 6 kg
The overall time of the flight is from 16 min to 30 min and it depends on the used equipment, the maximum permitted payload of the drone is 15.1 kg

The whole process of flying and shooting can be watched on-camera field monitor.
Our audio video equipment is available for ground shots or can be also rented for production of your projects.

  • We are fully insured (750 SDR) with liability insurance and flying collision damage waiver within EU and Turkey
  • Price and flying permit: every contract is specific, please call or email and we will supply all necessary permits from UCL that you will need to your intended project in case it should take place in limited flying areas or where the permits are requested due to safety of air traffic
  • Conditions when we cannot fly: dense fog, frost, raining, snowing, strong wind


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